Our team is unlike any other. Our customers and employees benefit from this. As a company we only hire the best candidates, train our employees for advancement, offer great insurance, and offer an excellent work environment in which our employees can grow until retirement. We maintain quality equipment which allows us to perform our jobs effeciently and safely. Our company is grateful for the individuals we hire, and as a result, we offer production bonuses as well as training in order to promote from within our company. A stable and happy work force is key in our goals to grow and because of this we continually monitor and adjust our employees' wages in order to keep the best professionals in a competitive industry. Prime Powerline Utilities is here not only to serve its customers with professionalism and integrity but also to reward its employees for dedicated service. If you're a potential customer or a potential employee, we offer competitive prices and excellent employment packages. Prime Powerline Utilities is striving to be the PRIME contractor in the industry that provides the absolute best place to work with the highest quality of employees in the workforce and the understanding that safety and the happiness of our employees will be the driving force behind our success.


Prime Powerline Utilities strives to achieve excellence for everything we do for our employees. First, we only hire the best professionals within the industry. Every day our employees are treated with respect and have the training to perform their jobs with excellence and safety. We desire to grow but will never sell out. Our long-term goal is to cultivate a productive company which benefits all and has employees who desire to stay with us until retirement. At Prime Powerline Utilities, we want professionals to join our team for a life-long career. We are a safe place to work which offers stability, training advancement, bonus system, good equipment, excellent insurance, and a career to cultivate until retirement.


Our goal is to provide the customers with experienced professionalism, quick response, and job completion with exemplary safety standards and work habits. We take pride in the fact that you as a customer trust our company to serve your needs. It is our name and reputation that is on the line for every job we have, and it is our desire to be honored and respected by every customer we are fortunate to have. As a customer you can be assured that your job will be carried out with professionalism and quality with an experienced crew that strives to finish the job quickly and safely. We offer competitive pricing, a local presence, and peace of mind that your job will get completed by a professional crew as safely and quickly as possible.